3D Printing Training for Indian Army

Art of Making Foundation conducted its first training sessions for Army Jawans on 26th August 2022 onwards. The workshop was dedicated to create awareness and concept building through Design Thinking methodologies.

Learning Outcomes of Workshop

  1. Basic understanding of Design Thinking
  2. History of 3D Printing
  3. Application of 3D Printing in Industries
  4. Convert ideas into prototypes
  5. Able to create 3D Designs using TinkerCAD
  6. Understanding Slicing software
  7. 3D Printing the designed products
Army Troop Training in Garhwal, Dehradun
Training women for the jobs of future

Empowering women with Science & Technology has been one of the missions of The Art of Making Foundation. With our flexible training curriculum for women from all age groups have helped us train them for the jobs of Future.

Industry 4.0 needs skills of future and 3D Technology playing a vital role in manufacturing & metaverse space.

3rd Battalion The Garhwal Rifles, Garhwal, Dehradun

1 week Awareness workshop at 3rd Battalion The Garhwal Rifles, Garhwal, Dehradun successfully trained 6 women and 35 Jawans in Design Thinking & innovation via 3D Printing.

The workshop consists of total 40 hours of training in 3D Designing, Slicing & Printing.

Theoretical Tutorials- 10 hours

Design Thinking- 5 Hours

3D Designing- 10 Hours

Slicing Software- 5 Hours

Hands-on 3D Printer- 20 Hours

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