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Ret. Colonel Milan Thapa, is an Army Veteran who served in the Indian Army for 42 years. He was part of the 1971 Indo-Bangladesh war, fought in counter-insurgency operations in the Eastern sector, J&K in India. He has served as the Platoon/Company/Battalion commander, managed, led & trained about 1200 soldiers in various fronts, states, including Nagaland, Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra & Uttarakhand. He raised teams, Rashtriya Rifles(RR), trained soldiers in combat, served in extremely high altitude areas, 12-16000ft exhibiting great resilience, leadership & patriotism. Additionally, he coached & trained his troops in sports activities like football, boxing & hockey having them win accolades for the nation. He also looked into the welfare of combatant soldiers & their families.

His experience contributes tremendously to the operational discipline and team welfare aspects of TAOMF. His skill in understanding the community and mobilisation for purpose fit in well with the sourcing plans and we currently have.