Training Curriculum

                                                                                                            General Curriculum 


Month 1

3D Design Overview & Process of 3DPrinting, Making, Software Knowledge Base Sharing, Onboarding

  • Week 1:  History of 3D Printing, Process of Additive Manufacturing, Different AM techniques & Application.
  • Week 2: 3D Virtual Lab Tour, Hardware Analysis: Parts of a 3Dprinter (Identification, Application of Robotics & STEM, XYZ Calibration)
  • Week 3: Material Properties, Applications & Material selection, What would you like to make? Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Week 4: Online CAD library of Designs for Inspiration, signing up on CAD program, Demonstrate printing the best project ideas

Month 2

Projects on TinkerCAD: Making Part Design, Assembly Design, Electronic & Coding Simulations

  • Week 5:Intro to TinkerCAD, 3D Modelling & Visualization Techniques, simple exercises with creating 3D geometries
  • Week 6: Creating Theme Designs: Simple House Layout, Toy, utility box using Part Designing and Grouping Techniques
  • Week 7: Making & Simulating a simple electronic circuit with resistors in series & parallel, connected to light, capacitors & different combinations
  • Week 8: Creating a combination of Hardware, Electronics & Software design: Project

Month 3

Overview and Knowledge Base Sharing for Best Slicing Techniques, Intro to Toy Making

  • Week 9: Introduction to Slicing 3Dmodels, needs, best practices, 3D Printer hardware Overview/Tour for calibration & Temperature Settings
  • Week 10: Assembly Design for making different body parts, joints & connectors in order to create simple toys with moving body links
  • Week 11: Creating Theme Toy Designs: Artifacts from Indian history, chess-pieces, Kuchipudi dolls, Gods/Goddesses, Marvel, Superheroes
  • Week 12: Slicing & 3D Printing the toy designs created, Fault identification, Improvements, Shipping out the 3D Printed Toys to the respective creators

Month 4

Projects on SketchUp: Intro to Architecture, Layout Making & Different House Plans

  • Week 13: Introduction to Architecture Layouting software, 3D Modeling, Visualization & Exploration of different house designing.
  • Week 14: Creating a simple home design with rendering techniques and proper material placement for doors, windows, roof & bottom.
  • Week 15: Theme Home Designs: Townhouse, Urban, Modern, CampHouse, Contemporary, Cottage
  • Week 16: Slicing & 3D Printing the House Designs created, Fault identification, Improvements, Shipping out the 3D Printed Homes to the respective creators

Month 5

Intro to Jewelry Making & Best Designs, Market Analysis & E-commerce Introduction

  • Week 17: Brainstorming customized Jewelry Designs, 3D modeling flat and 3D, Text, Pendant, and Unique Bridal Wear
  • Week 18: Create Themed Jewelry sets: Simple pendants, rings, earrings for realistic sizes, Mould creation for Jewelry
  • Week 19:Slicing & 3D Printing best Jewelry Designs created, feedback & improvements, Shipping out 3D Printed Jewelry to respective Creators
  • Week 20: Assessment Test in Design, Slicing & 3D Printing Techniques.

Month 6

Introduction to Advanced 3d Designing Tools

  • Week 21,22,23: Advanced 3D Modeling using Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Week 24: Digital Course Module creation training

Month 7

Product Placement in the market

  • Week 25,26:Go-To-Market strategy for 3D Printed Products
  • Week 27: Demo to online & offline market place
  •  Week 28: Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Companies in India.

Month 8

Industrial Internship in AM Industry

  • Week 29,30,31,32: Prototyping Service Industry

Month 9 

Industrial Internship in AM Industry

  • Week 32: Architectural Modeling Industry
  • Week 33,34,35 : Jewelry Industry 

Month 10

Industrial Internship in AM Industry.

  • Week 36,37,38,39: Medical & Health care  Industry

Month 11

Skillset Assessment

  • Week 40: Project submission
  • Week 41: Internal Assessment
  • Week 42, 43: External Assessment by Industry Experts

Month 12


  • Week 44: Jobs Roles Introduction
  • Week 45: Placement Interview Training
  • Week 46: Mock Interviews
  • Week 47: Letter of Recommendation 


On-Job Training & Micro-Entrepreneurship Program

  • Week 48,49,50.51,52: Complete training to become an Entrepreneur and be your own BOSS.


  • Introduction to Design Thinking & Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Designing Software
  • Slicing Software
  • Hands-on-training on 3D Printer
  • Assembly & Troubleshooting a 3D Printer- FDM

Onsite Training

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year ( With Job Offer )