Launched by The/ Nudge Foundation

The year 2022 started on a wonderful note when The Art of Making Foundation was recognized by The/Nudge Foundation for its livelihood generation method using Science & Technology. The vision of The/Nudge aligns with ours when it comes to remove poverty under Skill Development & Entrepreneurship initiative.

The Art of Making Foundation received an enormous help in building the blocks of Skill development & Entrepreneurship in rural areas of India. The Launchpad cohort  included 4 months of mentorship by Nudge fellows on understanding the Readiness Matrix of our organization. Further, during our mentorship program, we did following activities in order to address the problem we are trying to solve.

  • Defining the Problem Statement and Asking why 5 times.
  • Demand Readiness
  • Product- Market Fit
  • Partnerships & Ecosystem
  • Strategic Clarity
  • Landscape Mapping
  • Persona Mapping
  • Theory of Change  at Organizational Level
  • Execution Readiness
  • Capital Readiness
  • Setting up the Baseline, Midline & Endline of the Project.
  • Perfecting the Pitch Deck
  • Understanding the Policies for Trust

Thanks for introducing Theory of Change to us !!!!

The Art of Making Foundation

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